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Get Ready for a 1,650 HP Camaro Drag Race!

Hennessey Performance 1,650 HP Drag Race

Two Hennessey Performance specials throw it down.

One Hennessey Performance customer recently experienced one hell of a dream drag race between their two newly-delivered Camaro Z/28 and ZL1 muscle cars on an airstrip. It was a battle that saw a total of 1,650 horsepower rip into triple-digit speeds with roaring American V-8s.

Hennessey Performance 1,650 HP Drag Race

The lucky customer ordered a new HPE1000 Supercharged Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 from Hennessey Performance as well as a 650 horsepower ZL1. Thanks to some help, they were able to race the two muscle cars on an airstrip to see what kind of performance they were in for as the new owner. It was without question that the 1,000-horsepower Z/28 won the drag race with its 450-pony advantage, but the ZL1 wasn’t as far off as you’d expect.

Source: Hennessey Performance

Would you like to race these two Hennessey Performance Camaros with 1,650 HP total?


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