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Get ready for the new Fittipaldi Sport Wheels at SEMA!

Fittipaldi Sport Wheels

Some fresh, new wheels bearing the Fittipaldi name are hitting SEMA.

Motorsports is an incredibly hard business for drivers. Those that make it often struggle to stay competitive because of the sheer amount of talent and luck needed to be successful. It’s not often that you see drivers stay successful and those that do become legends. Emerson Fittipaldi is one of those who has taken home championships and checkered flags throughout his career, and now his name is adorning a fresh new brand at SEMA – Fittipaldi Sport Wheels.

Fittipaldi Sport Wheels

Talented drivers don’t allow their names to be put on just any products; they must be high-quality, reputable, and offer something that sets them apart from the competition. The new Fittipaldi Sport Wheels do just that and blend performance with style thanks to their monoblock forged construction and range of custom-tailored finishes.

Fittipaldi Sport Wheels

The forged monoblock construction of the new Fittipaldi Sport Wheels will give drivers the edge when it comes to performance. The forged construction process creates a dense metal alloy. This means that less material is needed to achieve a desired strength, leading to a lower overall weight. The reduction in weight at the wheel hub improves overall vehicle performance from acceleration to handling, braking, and even fuel economy. Add in some custom-tailored finishes and you have a stunner in the streets and a star on the track.

Fittipaldi Sport Wheels

The new Fittipaldi Sport Wheels will be officially unveiled at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas at booth number 62240 and 62250. As part of the launch, the legendary Emerson Fittipaldi will be at the booth from November 1st through 3rd in the morning and afternoon signing autographs for fans.

Fittipaldi Sport Wheels

The new line of Fittipaldi Sport Wheels will be on display during the entire 2016 SEMA Show from November 1st through 4th. Keep an eye out for ordering information and more by visiting their website and following them on Instagram, @fittipaldiwheels! A range of cast Fittipaldi Sport Wheels is also expected in 2017 to go alongside their forged siblings.

Fittipaldi Sport Wheels Gallery

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