Get Up Close and Personal with some Ferrari 458 Burnouts!

GoldRush Rally Zebra Ferrari 458 Italia Burnouts

Zebra-striped GoldRush Rally shredding.

The GoldRush Rally may be over, but all the fun and excitement that was had will last a lifetime. The crazy characters and automotive insanity made the event more than memorable.

GoldRush Rally Zebra Ferrari 458 Italia Burnouts

This Zebra-striped Ferrari 458 Italia owned and driven by Damon Fryer at Daily Driven Exotics, took part in the fun and hooliganism at the GoldRush Rally with some tire-shredding burnouts.

The folks at Zwingfilms got up-close-and-personal with the car in the middle of the burnout session to give us a smoke-filled perspective of the sheer brutality laid down by the high-revving V-8 super car.

BTS video

Source: Zwingfilms, JLfilms YouTube

How crazy was this Ferrari 458 Italia burnout?


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