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Get your Prank on with these Driving Instructors!

Driving Instructor Prank

Time for a drift!

Leona Chin is a very talented driver. She’s also the Women’s Racing Champion in Malaysia and knows more than a thing or two about drifting. One driving school wanted to prank their newest batch of instructors, so MaxMan.TV enlisted the help of Chin to scare their pants off.

Driving Instructor Prank

Dressed up like a young driver, Chin does a perfect job of acting like an inexperienced driver by stalling the car, driving in the wrong lanes, and doing virtually everything wrong. The instructors all seemed to get a little frustrated at her lack of skills, until she took them into an empty parking lot.

With one last shot at the driving test, Chin unleased all kinds of fury on those rear tires as they went up in smoke. The instructors were all caught off guard and almost all were angry during the drifts until they found out that it was all a prank.

Source: MAxMan.TV

Would you do this to your driving instructor for a laugh?


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