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Go for a 360-Degree Ride with the Red Bull F1 Team!

Red Bull 360 Degree F1

Technology is really cool.

We are spoiled with technology nowadays and it’s helping us to experience things that we never thought possible such as a 360-degree view of a Formula One racer.

The team at Red Bull strapped one of those newfangled 360-degree cameras atop their F1 race car with Sebastien Buemi behind the wheel and unleashed him on Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway.

Red Bull 360 Degree F1

After some speeding around the track, Buemi stops to burn some rubber and do donuts for our unlimited viewing pleasure.

As of now, the YouTube 360-degree experience only works on the Google Chrome and Android web browsers, and can be controlled by the button in the top-left corner of the screen. On other unsupported browsers, it appears as a warped 360-degree panoramic view that is just as freaking cool.

Now we just need some virtual reality technology to put us there and we’d be all set! Oh wait, you can watch it via the Oculus VR

Source: Re/Live 360°

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