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Go for a Midnight Stroll with Magnus Walker in LA

Magnus Walker LA Drive Night

Speeding around in a Porsche 911.

There’s nothing like taking your car out for a late-night drive. The roads are empty and it’s just you and your car, pushing a little bit harder around corners and straights. You’re free.

This video produced by eGarage stars Porschephille Magnus Walker and one of his Outlaw Porsche 911Ts doing a lap around Los Angeles at night. It’s a thing of beauty starring a man and his car just enjoying the thrill of driving.

Magnus Walker LA Drive Night

The streets are quiet. There’s no dialogue; just engine sounds.

Turn up your speakers, sit back, and just enjoy. Then, go out for a late night drive with the queen sitting inside of your garage.

Source: eGarage

Who wants to go for a midnight drive in an air-cooled Porsche 911?


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