Go for a Ride in a Ferrari FXX EVO around Imola – Video

Screamin’ V-12.

It doesn’t get any more extreme at Ferrari than the FXX Evoluzione. Well, maybe it does once you start driving their Formula One cars, but we’re just talking about the 99-percent of those pesky 1-percenters that can afford to buy a Ferrari. Anyways, the Ferrari FXX EVO is just a mind-bogglingly fast race car prototype machine that is designed just for the race track and littered with all sorts of requirements, specifications, and regulations that a driver/owner/leasee has to meet before they can only drive it during certain days at certain tracks.

Once you pass all of that, it’s time to drive the hell out of the car (or maybe it will drive the hell out of you). Whoever is doing the driving is “treated” to a raw dose of advanced Formula One technology, an 850 horsepower 6.3-liter V-12 engine, a gearbox that shifts in just 60 milliseconds, and some advanced aerodynamics.

For the rest of us 99.99-percent that cannot pass these strict regulations and pay the hefty price to just look at the Ferrari FXX EVO, we can at least go for a virtual ride in one thanks to a handy dashboard camera that probably had to pass Ferrari’s inspection before it was installed and raced around Imola.

It’s probably the closest we will ever get to drive the FXX EVO, and knowing our driving skills, that’s probably a good thing.

Source: MarchettinoYouTube Channel

Would you like another ride in the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione around Imola?


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