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Go for a Ride with Magnus Walker in ‘Tokyo Outlaw’

Magnus Walker Tokyo Outlat

The beauty of Tokyo at night in a classic Porsche 911.

Renowned fashion designer and Porschiphille, Magnus Walker has created some very interesting and sought-after classic 911s. He’s also taken a few of his own around the globe from his home city of Los Angeles to London and now Tokyo, Japan.

Magnus Walker Tokyo Outlat

With the help of Japanese garage, Crosspoint25, Walker took his 227-numbered Porsche 911 with red, white, and blue livery for a trip through Tokyo at night to create a beautiful and awe-inspiring film showing the life of the metropolis after the sun goes down.

We can’t wait to see where Magnus Walker takes his Porsche 911 next!


Would you like to drive Magnus Walker’s Porsche 911 through Tokyo at night?


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