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Go for a spin with Marc Gené in the Alfa Romeo 4C – Video

Best. Day. Ever.

How would you like to be walking down the street when suddenly, a prototype sports car rolls up and a former Formula One driver is behind the wheel, asking if you want to go for a ride? There’s no stranger danger here, and your answer better be a resounding “HELL YES!”, or you can just go buy a beige Toyota Camry and be done with life.

That’s exactly what former Formula One and Le Mans driver, Marc Gené did in Madrid, Spain. One lucky guy was able to go for a ride around town with Gené, and then surprised with a trip to a closed-off race track where they went for a spin in the new mid-engined Alfa Romeo 4C.

This guy will never forget this moment and we’re super jealous of his opportunity. Now they just need to come and do that in the U.S.!

Source: wearealfisti YouTube Channel

What professional driver do you wish would randomly pick you up and drive you around?


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