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Go Zaragoza with the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador

Vorsteiner Zaragoza Lamborghini Aventador

Spoilers, skits, and wings, oh my!

The Lamborghini Aventador has quite the classic Italian design. The iconic wedge-shaped figure is accentuated by sharp lines that cut into air and our automotive hearts. This edgy design language forms the perfect basis for upgraded aerodynamics that takes the factory design to the next level.

Vorsteiner Zaragoza Lamborghini Aventador

Enter the Vorsteiner Zaragoza aerodynamic package. Bearing the same name as the beautiful city in Spain, the Zaragoza aerodynamic package sharpens up the Italian bull’s confidence and slices through air in all the right ways.

Vorsteiner’s signature pre-preg carbon fiber makes up all of the new Zaragoza aerodynamic body work, meaning that only a little bit of weight is added along with a lot of benefits.

Vorsteiner Zaragoza Lamborghini Aventador

To start things off, the Lamborghini Aventador wears a new Zaragoza front spoiler that visually extends the front bumper to reduce lift at the front axle. The spoiler also wraps around the outside of the two large air intakes to help scoop up more air.

Vorsteiner Zaragoza Lamborghini Aventador

A new set of Vorsteiner Aventador-V side skirts play to the body’s form up front and extend downwards and out as they move towards the rear fenders to direct air away from the wheels further. As air reaches the rear of the Lamborghini Aventador, it’s met by a large Zaragoza aero wing sitting atop the trunk lid and works to generate downforce for better stability. A new Vorsteiner Aventador-V diffuser integrates the factory center exhaust outlet and includes six fins to calm the airflow beneath the supercar.

The new Vorsteiner Zaragoza and Aventador-V pre-preg carbon fiber aerodynamic goodies are all available for the Lamborghini Aventador as a complete package or individual accessories.

Vorsteiner Zaragoza Lamborghini Aventador Specifications

-Zaragoza front spoiler
-Zaragoza rear aero wing
-Aventador-V rear diffuser
-Aventador-V side skirts

Vorsteiner Zaragoza Lamborghini Aventador Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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