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This guy thinks he can get More Girls in a McLaren than the Owner

McLaren 650S Women Reaction

You can’t help but laugh.

We’ve seen some pretty crazy reactions from people towards super cars and their owners. McLaren 650S Spider owner, the.leviathan, has been on the front lines, showing us just a few of the crazy things that people will do, but this one takes the cake and is quite comical (and NSFW).

While going out for a drive in the 650S Spider in Toronto, the.leviathan was approached at an intersection by a man who, suggested that they swap spots and see who can “get the most women” as we will put it.

McLaren 650S Women Reaction

The man is pretty persistent and even though he says he is just joking around, tries his best to get the.leviathan to agree to his proposed challenge.

Of course, the video is also filled with other, good reactions from pedestrians walking and driving by, but this just goes to show that being a super car owner is a very interesting experience.

(NSFW Warning)

Source: the.leviathan

Is this the craziest reaction you’ve ever heard with a super car?


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