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Hamann Creates the “Limited” Lamborghini Aventador

Hamann Limited Lamborghini Aventador

Poison green performance.

Hamann Motorsport brought their latest and greatest head-turner to the Geneva Motor Show. Called the Hamann “Limited” Lamborghini Aventador, the newly modified supercar wears a Stealth Grey and Poison Green color scheme on its upgraded bodywork that hides a 760 horsepower tuned engine.

The new independent body concept is aimed at delivering better aerodynamics and cooling while looking like a menacing automobile on the road. Custom carbon air vent inserts, and two piece spoiler decorate the front fascia and help generate downforce at the front axle. Side skirts run towards the rear while bigger air intakes draw cool air into the clear-coated carbon fiber-clad engine bay. The rear of the Limited Lamborghini Aventador boasts a large adjustable spoiler wing, a new bumper, and diffuser made from lightweight carbon fiber to optimize downforce and stability at high speeds.

Hamann Limited Lamborghini Aventador

The Stealth Grey and Poison Green Hamann Limited also wear a new set of weight-optimized forged wheels with a bigger footprint. New Hamann “Professional” alloys were installed in a staggered 9.0 x 20 and 13.0 x 21 front and rear setup with 255/30 ZR 20 in front and 355/25 ZR 21 high-performance tires to generate even more grip.

The Hamann Limited Lamborghini Aventador throws down a massive 760 horsepower and 542 lb-ft. of torque through those forged alloy wheels. The factory 6.5-liter V-12 engine was given a fully-optimized ECU software tune and paired up with a sport or race muffler, the latter of which spits out some heated backfires.

Hamann Limited Lamborghini Aventador

Inside, the same Stealth Grey and Poison Green color scheme can be found. Hamann equipped the Limited Aventador with a full stitched leather instrument panel, side panels, center console, and sport seats. Even the new three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel wears green leather. As with all of their cars, Hamann can create a custom-tailored color scheme for customers.

All of the new upgrades on the Hamann Limited can be purchased and installed on all Lamborghini Aventador models as individual accessories or a complete package.

Hamann Limited Lamborghini Aventador Specifications

Displacement: 6.5-liters
Number of Cylinders: V-12
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 760 / 559 kW
Maximum Torque: 542 lb-ft. / 735 Nm
-Full ECU software tune
-Sport or Race muffler

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Forged Hamann “Professional” alloys
Front Wheels: 9.0 x 20
Rear Wheels: 13.0 x 21
Front Tires: 255/30 ZR 20
Rear Tires: 355/25 ZR 21

-Custom carbon fiber air vent inserts
-Two-piece carbon fiber front spoiler
-Carbon fiber side skirts
-Clear-coated carbon fiber engine bay
-Carbon fiber rear apron
-Carbon fiber adjustable rear wing
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser

-Custom leather and stitched dashboard, side panels, and center console
-Custom leather and stitched sport seats
-Leather three-spoke steering wheel

Hamann Limited Lamborghini Aventador Gallery

Source: Hamann Motorsport

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