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This is What Happens when you have a Ford Mustang Car Meet

Ford Mustangs Crash at Dubai Car Meet

Pileup time!

We’re getting to a point where the whole Mustang crashing jokes aren’t even funny anymore. At first, we all had a laugh at the expense of bad and overconfident Mustang owners; now, we’re just left scratching our heads as to why this continues to happen to this model so often.

Crashing of Ford Mustangs isn’t just an American problem, it’s a global problem that seems to be happening wherever these vehicles are sold. The latest comes to us from Dubai, where a car meet saw a number of Mustang drivers crash into each other, causing a pretty sizable accident scene.

Ford Mustangs Crash at Dubai Car Meet

Not much is known as to how this pileup was caused that resulted in damage to several Ford Mustang models including a GT350 (and hopefully nobody was injured) other than what’s in the description for the video:

“Another video of a mustang driver crashing leaving a car meet but this time several of them crash into each other in Dubai”

Just wait until nice weather rolls around and car season starts back up!

Source: David Griffith YouTube

Are you growing tired of Ford Mustang drivers constantly crashing into things?


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