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Be Hardcore and Learn how to Drive a Manual!

Manual Transmission Death Metal

There’s nothing as metal as rowing through gears.

Learning how to drive a car with a manual transmission can be tough. There may be videos and resources online that do a great job of explaining how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, but none are as hardcore as this one.

Manual Transmission Death Metal

The guys at RiffShop are good at teaching people how to do various things from play guitar to songwriting and performing in creative ways that a metal head can appreciate.

For their latest lesson, they use their handbanging musical talents to teach other how to properly drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, specifically, a Toyota Corolla.

While it may not go really in depth with various parts of how the transmission works, downshifting, etc., it goes through the basics with some music that will have your grandparents thinking that you worship the devil.

\m/ And that’s cool with us! \m/

Source: RiffShop YouTube

What other car-related how-to would you like to see taught using death metal?


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