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Head to Japan for the latest Lowrider Scene

MOJO Customs OG Shu Japan Lowrider Scene

Hot Buttered Soul at MOJO Customs.

The automotive world is similar to the world of art. There are different types and artists with their own style that usually originates from a certain culture or area of the globe. The work is subjective, but certain forms of it spread like wildfire around the globe.

The lowrider scene is just one form of automotive artwork that began in Los Angeles decades ago. It’s since grown but stayed regional due to the types of vehicles used, the culture, and even the weather/environmental surroundings. But, there’s an artist across the Pacific that’s looking to spread the lowrider culture in Japan.

MOJO Customs OG Shu Japan Lowrider Scene

His name is OG Shu, and he’s the owner of MOJO Customs – a lowrider garage in Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan, not too far from Tokyo. After experiencing the lowrider scene in the United States, Shu wanted to bring that to Japan and create a scene that had a magic, mojo-like energy – hence the shop name. Shu has incorporated the hip-hop music, tattoo, and other aspects of the culture into the Japanese lowrider scene with a Japanese flair for others to enjoy halfway across the world.

OG Shu and his shop builds, designs, and creates custom lowrider cars for customers while introducing and incorporating the lowrider culture with his own unique touch to create a special piece of automotive artwork that others can appreciate.

This global spread of automotive culture helps bring a new generation into the world of cars and keeps automotive creativity alive.

MOJO HAND from Stephane Benini on Vimeo.

Filmed by:
Pierre Saba-Aris
Nathan Henneton
Olivier Laurenti
Stephane Benini

Thanks to:
OG Shu
Akira Takahashi
Homies Car Club
Junichi Shimodaira
Peter Kelly
Coreido Japan
Rafael & Greggo

Filmed in Japan / Koshigaya.

Are you glad to see automotive scenes like lowriders spread to other areas of the world like Japan?


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