Here’s 12-Minutes of 21 Ferrari FXX Ks Racing!

Ferrari FXX K Racing

Two events, 21 cars, 252 cylinders, amazing sounds.

The Ferrari FXX K is a very rare, track-only car based off the Ferrari LaFerrari. It’s a real treat to see one on a racetrack, let alone 14 and 18 at a single time.

Ferrari FXX K Racing

Thankfully, YouTube user, 19Bozz92 was at two different events at Mugello Circuit in Italy to witness a total of 21 Ferrari FXX K just dominating the track. The World Finals event saw 14 Ferrari FXX Ks while the XX Programme event saw 18 different racers take the stage for a total of 21 captured on video (one didn’t make it).

The 1,000+ output and hardcore aerodynamics are a real treat to witness as drivers push these machines to their limits around the track. This is beauty in motion.

Source: 19Bozzy92 YouTube

Which one of the Ferrari FXX K would you choose to drive?


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