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Here’s 25-Minutes of Pagani Sounds because you deserve it!

25 Minutes of Pagani

Put on those headphones and turn up the volume.

There’s a lot of things that you can do with yourself for 25 minutes today. You can get things done, do some work, take that much-needed nap, work on your hobby, etc. But you should put all of those things aside because this is a 25-minute video of Paganis making beautiful sounds.

25 Minutes of Pagani

This video compilation has it all. There’s speeding through a tunnel, revving in the street, unloading off a trailer, racing on a track, driving in traffic, being gawked at by pedestrians, scaring little girls, in-car footage, and more. All kinds of “regular” and rare production Pagani models can be seen here in their gorgeous glory.

So, if you’re going to actually do something important today, make it watching this 25-minute Pagani video. You’ll thank us after.

Source: effspot YouTube

Which one of these Paganis was your favorite in this 25-minute video?


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