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Kahn Previews their Ultimate Defender before the London Motor Show

London Motor Show Edition

Looking wow the crowd again.

Last year, the London Auto Show commissioned Afzal Kahn to create the Ultimate Land Rover Defender. The result was a one-off bespoke Land Rover that wowed attendees with its modern look and classic feel. This year, Kahn has been asked to create another one-off beauty for the London Motor Show, and it’s expected to turn heads once again.

“It is a pleasure to have Kahn Design at The London Motor Show this year. Creating a truly outstanding tribute to one of the world’s most iconic cars, this immersive display is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser in Battersea Park. It goes without saying the Kahn Design’s unique and bespoke builds optimize the very best of British ingenuity,” said Alec Mumford, Chairman of the London Motor Show.

London Motor Show Edition

The Land Rover Defender ‘London Motor Show Edition’ that was unveiled last year showcased a Santorini Black body with rugged wheel arch extensions, Mondial alloy wheels, and an interior that was specially tailored with quilted leather and Hield fabric.

This year, Afzal Kahn is looking to bring that same modern British look that also pays tribute to the iconic off-road SUV.

“For the 2016 London Motor Show, I designed a vehicle that celebrates the history and unique personality of the Defender,” said Kahn.

“My designs are known for their attention to detail, so I do not want this Defender to be any different.

“This will be a fitting tribute to one of the world’s best loved vehicles and I would welcome feedback from Defender owners and enthusiasts alike who are welcome to visit my Kings Road boutique in Chelsea.”

London Motor Show Edition

The newest Ultimate Defender will make its debut at the 2017 London Motor Show alongside the coach-built Vengeance Volante and the Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition. The show will be held in Battersea Park from May 4th to 7th. For 10-percent discounted tickets, visit the London Motor Show ticket website and enter the ‘KAHN’ promo code.

The Kahn Design team will also be showcasing an array of vehicles at the Monaco Top Marques Show from April 20th to the 23rd.

Kahn Ultimate Defender 2017 Preview

Source: A Kahn Design

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