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Don’t Duct Tape Your Friend to a Car and Drive

Duct Tape to Jeep Prank

Don’t lose bets to your friends, either.

It all started with a bet. Miguel Chavez, 17, lost a bet on a basketball game and was duct taped to a sign post. When the police arrived, one of his friends was approaching him with a knife to cut him down. It was only after threatening to tase the friend going to cut him down was it revealed that it was just a prank due to a lost bet.

The following week, the man known as ‘My House is Dirty’ lost a bet and it was his turn to be the victim of a duct-tape prank.

Duct Tape to Jeep Prank

So, Chavez and a few other friends wrapped Dirty in orange duct tape on a friend’s Jeep Wrangler and headed off to the freeway, hitting speeds around 50 mph. Dirty waved and shouted, nervously enjoying his spotlight in the middle of traffic.

Thankfully, the tape held and no injuries resulted from the duct-tape prank. But, we can say that stunts like this are incredibly dangerous and stupid, and could result in quite a few tickets from police.

So, don’t do stupid stuff like this, and don’t lose bets to friends!

What would you do it your friends duct taped you to a car and drove you through traffic?


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