Here’s Six-Minutes of Ferrari 458 Speciale Exhaust Insanity

Ferrari 458 Speciale Fi Exhaust

Turn up the volume.

There are aftermarket exhausts and then there is the Frequency Intelligent exhaust system that’s been strapped to the high-revving track-spec Ferrari 458 Speciale. The new exhaust makes the 458 Speciale sound even more exotic and awe-inspiring (as if it needed to be even louder) with its dual, flame-spitting tailpipes.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Fi Exhaust

The Ferrari 458 Speciale features a Fi Exhaust System with R3 Wheels and Marlboro livery wrap similar to those used in the ‘80s and ‘90s in racing.

Here, Gumbal was able to capture the super car revving and speeding away, while also getting to ride shotgun through tunnels to experience the auditory glory of the exhaust.

Source: Gumbal YouTube

Is this the best-sounding Ferrari 458 Speciale exhaust that you’ve ever heard?


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