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Here’s Two more Show-Off Idiots from the Weekend!

Car Show Crashes

Way to go, guys!

Thanks to advances in technology, we’re able to get pretty good quality video right from a device in our pocket these days. That means that things that we may have missed years before can be seen all over the internet. Car crashes and idiots at car shows are two popular of those, and things that we can all shake our heads while watching in disappointment.

This past weekend saw two car crashes at different meets with varying degrees of damage but similar amounts of stupidity.

The first one sees a Mazda RX-7 slowly leaving a car show only to oversteer right into a curb, damaging the front bumper and cooling system. Instead of getting out, inspecting the damage, and calling for a tow truck after the embarrassing moment, the driver just decided to drive away in reverse as if nothing happened. No big deal, carry on, right?

Talk about a walk of shame!
Car Show Crashes

The second video comes from Damien Miller in Scottsdale, Arizona. Two Ford Mustangs were hooning on public roads at night. At an intersection where people were filming, the first Mustang drifted through and ended up doing a 180-degree turn into the oncoming lane, before coming to a stop in the proper direction. The second, white Ford Mustang lost control trying to lay down some rubber and slide right over the curb and sidewalk, and into a wall where someone was standing and filming.

The white Mustang came to a stop after hitting the wall and shocked the hell out of everyone standing in the area.

Hopefully everyone was okay in both accidents, but it shouldn’t take accidents like these for people to learn how to properly drive. SAVE IT FOR THE TRACK!

Source: Reddit, Facebook

How stupid are these two drivers that tried to show off and crashed?


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