Hey Ken Block, This Guy has a Message for You

Ken Block Challenge

And he wrote it in asphalt.

We’ve all seen and loved Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos. They’re masterfully planned works of automotive hooliganism that take stunt- and performance driving to a whole new level. There are those that try to mimic and those that even call out Block in a playful way, like this shoeless Shelby GT500 driver.

The video shows a shoeless driver speeding around an empty parking lot with a board full of sticky notes on his dashboard with instructions on what to write. There’s a lot of burning rubber, whining supercharger noises, and that oh-so-sexy V-8 exhaust note, plus a selfie. In the end, he has quite the message for the Gymkhana driver, leaving “Ken Block Who?” etched into the pavement.

There’s no denying the talent and planning that was needed to pull of this stunt, however we think Block would be able to sign the pavement with a better, wittier response. Nevertheless, it’s always good to see some playful Hoonigan fun.

Source: TurboNuts YouTube

How do you think Ken Block would respond to this challenge?


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