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Idiot Crashes Honda S2000 while Leaving a Car Show

Honda S2000 Crash Leaving Car Meet

Doing its best Ford Mustang impression.

The prime car show season isn’t even here yet in the Northeast and already we’re seeing accidents go down. This entirely avoidable crash happened in Connecticut and leaves us scratching our heads at people’s stupidity.

Honda S2000 Crash Leaving Car Meet

The driver of a Honda S2000 decided to try and show off while leaving the car meet and quickly lost control as a Toyota Tundra was heading towards them in the opposite lane. The S2000 driver tried to correct their mistakes, but slid right into a tree, causing some serious damage and spinning it around into the road, where it finally came to rest.

Onlookers quickly cursed and ran to the scene to check things out and make sure the driver was okay. Traffic was stopped in both directions, but another accident almost happened when an Audi S4 locked up its brakes trying to come to a stop.

Just stop trying to show off, people. You don’t want to be internet famous for crashing your car like an idiot.

Source: @supercars_ct Instagram

How stupid was this Honda S2000 driver that crashed while trying to leave a car show?


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