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IMPERIUM Automotive Bespoke Bentley Continental GT

Bespoke British Beauty.

Owning a Bentley Continental GT puts you in a select company of people. The luxury grand-tourer brings together a sense of sport, power, and indulgence in a unique package known only to the privileged. However, some desire an even greater level of individuality and a more one-of-a-kind feel than what Bentley can provide, so they turn to the UK-based luxury vehicle personalization specialists at IMPERIUM Automotive.

IMPERIUM Automotive builds and creates exclusive automobiles for a number of prestigious clients from scratch. The client provides IMPERIUM Automotive with a vehicle and a set of specifications for designers and engineers to conceptualize. A number of sketches and ideas for the vehicle are then presented to the client and developed to suit their desires. Throughout the entire built process IMPERIUM Automotive works along with the client to ensure the vehicle is built to specification.

One of the latest builds performed by IMPERIUM Automotive is a bespoke Bentley Continental GT for a high-profile UK entrepreneur. The new one-off Bentley combines a sense of excitement and craftsmanship as it is transformed with new bodywork, a tuned engine, and classy interior styling.

The exterior of the new Bentley Continental GT is sporty and refined. All of the upgraded bodywork is made from prepreg autoclave carbon fiber manufactured with the highest standards in quality. The front wears a unique bumper with large air intakes and LED lighting. Each side is fitted with aerodynamic exposed carbon fiber skirts. At the rear of the Bentley are a boot spoiler lip and a diffuser that create downforce at high speeds for better stability.

Although Bentley may be looked at as more of a luxury badge, IMPERIUM Automotive has taken steps to provide the client with a more exciting driving experience. Both the front and rear axles are fitted with bespoke ultra-lightweight forged wheels designed and finished to customer specification. Sitting behind the wheels is a more powerful braking system and a lowered sport suspension. IMPERIUM Automotive has also upgraded the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 engine with a retuned ECU and a sport exhaust system crafted to match the noise and depth requested by the client.

Inside the Bentley Continental GT has been uniquely transformed to client specification. Special leather, carbon fiber, wood trim, ultra suede, and piano black finishes create an individual luxury atmosphere. Facing the driver is an ergonomically designed steering wheel for complete control of the bespoke masterpiece.

The latest IMPERIUM Automotive Bentley Continental GT is a one-of-a-kind creation for a well known UK client. Pricing and exact specifications have not been released.

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[Source: IMPERIUM]

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