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In Jordan They Put Frosting on their Toast – Video

A burnt STI gets a frosty treat.

On a snowy day in Amman, Jordan one Subaru STI was doing its usual donuts in the snow as its all-wheel drive ate up the slick white stuff like nobody’s business. Well, things got a little heated under the engine, and due to a problem with the fuel system, the STI started on fire.

So, with no fire extinguisher readily on-hand and a lot of snow surrounding the car, they did what anybody would do in that situation – pelt the car with snowballs. Yes, that damn car deserved it for thinking it can just start on fire like that. How rude!

Bystanders joined in the fun and threw all the snow that they could get their hands on at the car. Even the dogs came out to join in the fight against fire. In the end, the fire was put out, but the STI has some major third-degree burns and is totaled. It’s too bad Frosty the Snowman wasn’t in the passenger seat to sacrifice himself to save the car…

Thumbs up for the creative way of putting the fire out though!

[Source: sshashaa YouTube Channel]

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