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In Russia, R32 Skyline GT-Rs do 7.99-Second Quarter-Miles

Russian R-32 Skyline GT-R 7.99-second 1/4 mile

Race. Car.

We all know the R35 Nissan GT-Rs are fast, but how about those old R32 Skyline GT-Rs? This bright red Russian GT-R driven by Dmitry Kapustin knows how to break the eight-second barrier in the quarter-mile.

Russian R-32 Skyline GT-R 7.99-second 1/4 mile

During the first stage of the Russian Championship drag racing event in Krasnoyarsk, Kapustin slammed the throttle and threw down a 7.99-second quarter-mile time with the red R32 Skyline GT-R at 170.37 mph.

That’s just insane, and because it’s in Russia, this sort of crazy is just normal.

Source: DragTimesInfo

Do you think that this R32 Skyline GT-R can beat a 7.99-second quarter-mile?


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