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In the Newest RUSH Trailer, We Meet James Hunt

Getting to know the British F1 driver’s character.

James Hunt was a very outgoing playboy who was known for his exploits off the racetrack, earning him the name “Hunt the Shunt.” His personality rubbed other drivers like Niki Lauda the wrong way, creating intense rivalries that culminated in the 1976 Formula One season.

In the upcoming film, RUSH, Chris Hemsworth plays the role of Hunt and his controversial actions during his career. He was reportedly very involved with a large number of women and wasn’t afraid to be overly cocky on and off the track.

The latest trailer for RUSH showcases Hunt’s character, his personality, and his lifestyle. He’s a very polarizing figure, and will likely garner quite a bit of attention on the silver screen.

RUSH hits theatres on September 27th, 2013, so get ready!

Source: RUSH

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