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Inside Rauh Welt Begriff and the mind of Nakai-San

Turning 911s into Katanas.

Inside of a cluttered shop sits Nakai-San, owner of RBW. Like a skilled craftsman of samurai swords, his work is sought after by many around the world. Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche 911s are some of the most beautiful handcrafted creations in the world and backed up with astonishing performance.

A RWB Porsche isn’t designed or built using high-tech CAD drawings and computers. Nakai-San doesn’t even use paper or pencils, just a passion for the German automobiles and driving. The names of each car come to him in an almost spiritualistic way during the build process.

A RWB Porsche is an art form made from passion. The folks at Fatlace have produced a short film that shows the dedication and enthusiasm that goes into making the special models.

Nakai-San RWB Porsche Video


[Source:, LukeHuxhamFilms]

What do you think of Nakai-San and his RWB Porsche creations?


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