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JM CarDesign makes the BMW E85 Z4 look like the new BMW E89

Keeping up with the times.

The new E89 Z4 is a modern roadster with a new design direction compared to the BMW E85 Z4 that controversial designer Chris Bangle had a part in creating. It also has more power, greater efficiency, and newer technology; all things that would make a previous generation car feel outdated.

So, the German tuners at JM CarDesign decided to take the BMW E85 Z4 and give it styling elements from the BMW E89, along with an upgraded suspension, wheels, and other goodies.

The E85 BMW was first given new front bodywork from the current E89 Z4 model. The front bumper and grille from the new model were modified by JM CarDesign to fit with the older Z4’s headlights, hood, and mud guards. Then the German tuner set out to upgrade other aspects of the E85’s bodywork. Each of the rear fenders were rebuilt and extended by 30 mm on each side. Then, the rear bumper and side sills were modified to accommodate the wider rear bodywork, creating a more athletic stance. Each of the wider side sills also feature air inlets that help redirect cool air to the brakes. For a cleaner look, JM CarDesign removed the visible antenna and placed it in the rear bumper. The door handles, side mirrors, and indicator lights wear a new LED system in the shape of the BMW logo. After the modifications were made, the BMW E85 was repainted solid black.

The Z4 tuning program isn’t just about updating the looks of the BMW E85. JM CarDesign has also taken steps to make the car handle and perform better. The roadster is lowered by a three-part KW chassis conversion with adjustable height, pressure, and tensile dampening. The chassis is stiffened thanks to a new Wiechers dome rod installed over the engine. The E85 Z4 sits on new Work VS XX-light alloy wheels with gunmetal centers and measure 9 x 20 ET 32 up front and 11 x 20 ET 32 at the rear. Each wheel wears high-performance Dunlop Sport Maxx 245/30 R 20 front and 285/25 R 20 rear tires. For a touch of added performance and sound, a new 76 mm double tailpipe muffler from Eisenmann was installed.

A few minor upgrades were also made to the interior. JM CarDesign painted the dashboard cover, entrance bars, steering wheel spokes, and shift knob the same solid black as the body of the Z4.

The entire BMW E89 appearance and performance package for the BMW E85 is currently available from JM CarDesign. Prices have not been released.

JM CarDesign BMW E85 Z4 Tuning Specifications

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Work VS XX-light alloy with gunmetal face
Front Wheels: 9 x 20 ET 32
Rear Wheels: 11 x 20 ET 32
Tires: Dunlop Sport Maxx
Front Tires: 245/30 R 20
Rear Tires: 285/25 R 20
Suspension: Three-part KW adjustable system

-BMW E89 front grille
-BMW E89 front bumper
-Widened rear fenders
-Side sills
-Wider rear bumper
-Antenna in rear bumper
-BMW logo LEDs in door handles, side mirrors, and indicator lights
-Solid black paint
-Muffler with dual 76 mm tips

-Dashboard cover, gear knob, entry bars, and steering wheel spokes in body color

JM CarDesign BMW E85 Z4 Tuning Gallery

[Source: JM CarDesign]

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