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iXOOST V-8 Audio System

A musical exhaust note.

Gearheads around the world will often describe amazing exhaust notes with musical terms to emphasize the beauty and power created by a certain engine as if it was a mechanical symphone. Matteo Panini and Mirco Pecorari decided to change take that to another level by giving every gearhead a way to listen to their favorite music through an exhaust-like audio system.

Called the iXOOST after the English pronunciation of “exhaust” the new iPod/iPhone audio system is a hand-built exhaust speaker system for the most hardcore of automotive enthusiasts. The idea for such an audio system was first developed by Panini and then designed by Pecorari to showcase the beauty of an engine.

The iXOOST is available in three different specifications: iXoost òt with eight cylinders, the iXoost dês with ten, and the iXoost dàdês with twelve. All models feature a solid aluminum base with an exhaust system from an actual automobile that is milled and turned by five-axis machines. The base of the iPod/iPhone dock is wrapped with custom-colored leather to match the exhaust tips and speakers. Depending on the model, the iXOOST blasts sound from its eight-, ten-, or twelve-cylinder engine with 28 mm silk dome tweeters, 100 mm subwoofer(s), 25 mm midrange / PPM cone neodymium magnets, and one 140-watt active subwoofer.

Prices for the iXOOST audio systems begin at € 5000.00 for the ten-cylinder, with the twelve starting from € 8000.00. Customers can choose a range of different colors, styles, and options, along with the actual automobile the exhaust system is supplied from. To build your own, visit the iXOOST store.

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