Marianna Merenmies Creates the McLaren JetSet Design

McLaren JetSet Design by Marianna Merenmies

Looking towards the future of efficient automotive design.

Let’s face it, the automotive industry is moving away from big, high-displacement engines in thundering hunks of metal and moving towards downsized and electric motors wrapped in a lightweight shell in the name of efficiency.

Although the days of muscle cars and high-revving engines with more than twelve cylinders is coming to an end, the automotive world doesn’t have to be all doom-and-gloom, or should we say green-and-boring. Just take a look at the McLaren concept that designer Marianna Merenmies created. Called the McLaren JetSet, it’s a concept in lightweight and efficient performance that focuses on style.

The McLaren JetSet is designed for a premium clientele that desires a small automobile to get around a crowded city in a fast and efficient way. The idea is similar to that of the Aston Martin Cygnet, but more advanced in almost every manner.

Almost all of the McLaren JetSet is made using lightweight carbon fiber including the chassis, suspension, body, wheels, and more. The exterior features two traditional wheels at the front and a unique, incredibly thin rear area that uses two fins with small wheels to make contact with the road surface. This innovative design helps to reduce weight as much as possible.

The McLaren JetSet offers room for one passenger and is powered by a small electric motor to quickly accelerate the ultra-lightweight vehicle.

The McLaren JetSet was designed by Marianna Merenmies and was sponsored by McLaren Automotive. The design won second place in the Alternative Fuel Vehicles category at the International Design Awards. To see more of Merenmies work, visit

McLaren JetSet Design Gallery

[Source: Behance.Net]

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