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Jon Olsson is Uber Cool with his Audi RS6 DTM

Jon Olsson Uber RS6 DTM

Just ask these lucky passengers!

Jon Olsson, that really cool pro skier that has a love for custom cars is at it again with his fan-favorite Audi RS6 DTM. The 950+ HP Audi Uberwagon hit the streets of Stockholm, Sweden for some fun with a few lucky fans.

Jon Olsson Uber RS6 DTM

On Friday, May 15th, Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM was available on the Uber app for a six-hour time period. Of the 5,700 booking requests, 11 lucky passengers got to have the ride of their lives in the monstrous Audi RS6 DTM.

With their phones out recording the fun and smiles on their faces, the passengers had the best ride of their lives speeding through the city.

Now, Olsson just needs to bring the big, bad Audi to the ‘States to share the fun!

Source: Betsafe

Would you want to go for a ride around Stockholm in Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM?


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