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The A Kahn Design Land Rover Defender Concept 17 is ready for Duty

Kahn Land Rover Defender Concept 17

The bullet-proof, all-terrain concept.

Military vehicles have quite an appeal to automotive enthusiasts simply because of the capabilities that that can be exploited by the touch of the throttle. The new Land Rover Defender Concept 17 by A Kahn Design that is slated to be released in the coming months is a deployment-ready SUV packed with all sorts of all-terrain and military capabilities at your fingertips.

The standard Land Rover Defender is already ready to tackle any kind of terrain thrown its way, which is one reason why the team at A Kahn Design opted to give it their tactical touch. This off-road prowess was the focal point of the project, as special mud flaps and wheel arches that allow for better protection and suspension travel were fitted. The arches are bolted to the Land Rover Defender Concept 17 and house the meaty, off-road spec tires. In addition to the powerful arches, the entire SUV can be given a unique paint job for whatever kind of hostile environment the Concpet 17 may be deployed to. An A Kahn Design rear wheel cover is the lone stylistic element on the exterior.

But that’s not all when it comes to the military-grade components. Special Kahn 1983 RS Defender wheels are worn by the Land Rover Concept 17 in an 8.0 x 18 inch setup and are equipped with big, beefy off-road tires that create their own traction in any kind of unforgiving terrain. The entire SUV can also be bullet-proofed for safety for those that do decide to venture into hostile situations.

As with all models from A Kahn Design, the interior of the Land Rover Defender Concept 17 can be given a complete redesign to suit any taste. The seating, dashboard, floors, instruments, and even the clock can be custom tailored for luxury or functionality with a variety of leathers, trim sets, components, and stitching in a virtually limitless palette of colors.

The new A Kahn Design Land Rover Defender Concept 17 will be released in the coming months from the British company. Pricing and the official upgrade list has not been released.

Kahn Land Rover Defender Concept 17 Gallery

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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