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A Kahn Design takes on the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia Spider


Most sports- or super car convertibles generally sacrifice some kind of performance to a fabric or hard top for the sake of open air enjoyment. This has been the case throughout history, with things like structural rigidity, safety, speed, and weight losing an edge so that occupants can enjoy the wind in their hair. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, and the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider by A Kahn Design is just one example.

Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Weight, safety, rigidity, and performance were all things that Ferrari focused on with the 458 Italia Spider. The folding hard top is lighter than other cloth variants, pieces of the frame and body have been reinforced, and the super car is still as fast as ever. Plus, it has that special A Kahn Design touch.

The new topless super car from the British Design team features the lightning-fast F1 transmission, powerful ceramic brakes with yellow calipers, Ferrari shields on the fenders, and special front and rear sections. The finishing touch on the silver exterior is a set of Kahn Monza forged wheels. The five double-spoke wheels emphasize the racing character and performance of the 458 Italia Spider and create a dynamic look. The front axle was fitted with a 9.0 x 21 setup while the rear staggers in with 12.0 x 22 wheels. Customers also have the option of installing the original Ferrari center caps.

Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

The unique thing about convertibles is that the interior is on display when the top is down. This makes having a custom-tailored Kahn interior even more special. On the featured model, the cockpit wears a pair of black leather electric sport seats that can be optionally configured with any color fabric, stitching, and patterns. The entire dashboard can be customized with special alcantara, leather, and unique trim sets along with special gauges, pedals, door sills, and more.

A Kahn Design allows customers to custom tailor the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with any designs or components they desire along with a full range of in-house wheels. Pricing for the featured model and modifications has not been released.

Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Specifications

Type: Kahn Monza wheels
Front Wheels: 9.0 x 21
Rear Wheels: 12.0 x 22
Other options: Original center caps and custom color/finishes

-F1 transmission
-Ceramic brakes with yellow calipers
-Upgraded front and rear sections
-Ferrari shields on the front fenders
-Black leather interior with electric sport seats

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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