Law Enforcement Technology: They aren’t Eatin’ Donuts, They’re Makin’ ‘Em


The police have been the enemy to any lead foot and general nuisance to all motorists for as long as there have been wheels hooked to motors. Our personal relationships with officers of the law notwithstanding, we generally don’t have a cordial relationship with them as it pertains to our driving experience. We love old movies where the classic police chase results in a brash and dynamic getaway. We cheer as the pokey sheriff is outwitted by the intrepid young driver. Deep down, every gearhead knows that to make our roads safer for enthusiasts like us, the efforts of law enforcement are not only needed, but must be supported and progressive.

Carbon Motors E7

Things are changing. As car technology becomes more advanced, so does police technology. Take, for instance, the Carbon Motors E7, a purpose-built machine designed to make the lives of patrol men and women easier. The car would be more efficient thanks to the BMW turbo diesel engines planned to slot under the hood, and the rear-hinged doors would make getting criminals in and out much easier. The E7 was to have a steering wheel-mounted push-to-talk two-way radio, side panels made with ballistic shields, and built-in 360 degree lighting and video. Infrared cameras for license plate recognition software, and even a front seat designed to accommodate an officer’s utility belt were features that were to make the E7 Police Cruiser the perfect police vehicle. But alas, the $310 million needed to make the car a reality never came and so the E7 never came to be.

Police Drone

All is not lost, though. Police departments around the world have stepped up their game and can now capture perps before they even know they’ve broken the law with these phenomenal new technologies:

No more loud sirens, but a “boom” of sorts, as it comes closer. That way, it doesn’t frighten or awaken anyone. It also helps distracted drivers pay attention to emergency personnel on route.

Hidden LED’s have also been employed. Although, if you suspect that someone is impersonating an officer, we advise that you call 911.

Dash Cameras and LED License plate readers like the iDriveCode3 which stores and receives about 14,400 pictures an hour.

K9 dogs are getting sensors and automatic fans along with GPS for their own safety and for location.

Surveillance and Stoplight Cameras.

Next to the cameras on wheels, you have the flying ones. Like helicopters, these drones can assist cruisers, boldly going where no policeman has gone before.

Special High-Output motors, performance heavy-duty suspension, reinforced and bullet-resistant tires and polymer rims.

StarChase is referred to as a pursuit reduction technology. The StarChase system launches a miniature GPS tracker from a compressed-air cannon mounted on the police vehicle’s grill. Once attached, an officer can end a pursuit and track the vehicle at a later time. Think you got away…..NOT!

Watch out! These technologies are making law enforcement efforts more capable than ever before.

Police GPS

What is your favorite/most hated new technology that Police are using?


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