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Friday FAIL: Need a Shoulder to Cry on?

Friday FAIL Instant Karma Shoulder Passer

Nothing like a dose of instant karma!

Police are never where you want them to be when you see someone breaking the law while driving. That’s why this case of instant Karma in Georgia is so satisfying to watch.

We’ve all been stuck in traffic jams. They suck, we get it. We wish there was some way to get around them without having to wait in bumper to bumper traffic that’s moving at a snail’s pace, but it’s not possible.

Friday FAIL Instant Karma Shoulder Passer

This Kia driver that was stuck in a traffic jam thought they could just pass everyone in traffic by using the shoulder. It’s tempting, but it’s illegal. And when you see people getting away with that while you follow the law and sit in traffic, it makes you mad.

But this Kia driver picked the wrong traffic jam to pass everyone on the shoulder. Stuck in the right lane was a police officer who quickly pulled the Kia over for their illegal pass.

Ah, it’s so satisfying to watch.

Source: Matt Bentkowski YouTube

How satisfying is it to see this illegally-passing Kia get pulled over by police in a traffic jam?


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