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WheelsandMore unveils their F.I.W.E. carbonwheels on the McLaren P1

McLaren P1 with F.I.W.E. carbonwheels

New shoes for the exclusive supercar.

The McLaren P1 is the pinnacle of performance for the British automaker. It’s advanced hybrid drivetrain and lightweight carbon fiber construction makes it not just incredibly fast, but it also engages the driver like few other cars have before. It’s not easy to take a vehicle of this caliber with such advanced technology and improve upon it, but WheelsandMore thinks they have found a way with their new F.I.W.E. carbonwheels.

WheelsandMore stuck with what they’re experts at – lightweight and stylish wheels. The new F.I.W.E. carbonwheels focus on making the McLaren P1 even lighter on its feet and more nimble than ever before by cutting weight at the wheel hub.

McLaren P1 with F.I.W.E. carbonwheels

The new F.I.W.E. carbonwheels feature the same lightweight carbon fiber that makes up much of the McLaren P1. Each wheel features a carbon fiber tube that helps to make them some of the lightest on the market. For the 375 examples of the P1, the WheelsandMore F.I.W.E. carbonwheels can be installed in a 9.0 x 20 front and 12.0 x 21 rear setup. Each wheel is connected using a center locking mechanism and features a concave design to visually add a touch of muscle.

The new F.I.W.E. carbonwheels by WheelsandMore are now available from the German company. Pricing can be provided upon request.

McLaren P1 with F.I.W.E. carbonwheels Gallery

Source: WheelsandMore

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