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Watch a Toyota GT86 and Nissan Silvia S13 Drift at 136 MPH

Yup, these guys have huge cojones.

Drifting isn’t easy. It takes quite a bit of skill to be able to control your vehicle as the rear is losing traction while the entire car is moving. It can be scary and provides quite the rush of adrenaline. Doing it at over 130 mph lies somewhere between incredibly crazy and jumping-off-the-deep-end insane.

In Norway, Fredric Aasbø in his Speedhunters Toyota GT86 and Mad Mike in a borrowed Nissan Silvia S13 hit 136 mph on the long straight at Rudskogen Motorsenter before initiating a drift. The pressure from the air created by the two cars and the debris that was kicked up actually took out the 150 m indicator sign and knocked it into the air.

You know you’re drifting right, when you take out signs without touching them.

Source: MOAR media

Do these guys have big cojones or what?


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