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The Legend that is the Lancia Stratos – Video

Italian homologation-special.

One of the most iconic and legendary cars that Lanica ever produced was the Stratos. It was a purpose-built, homologation-special designed to conquer the world of rally racing. Only 492 were ever produced for the public and Phillip Toledano was one of the lucky few that ended up with one.

In the eight years from 1974-1981, the Lancia Stratos achieved 18 WRC victories, and won three consecutive WRC titles during that span. Simply put, it dominated. But, the road-going homologated cars weren’t as thoroughly put together as most of Lancia’s efforts were concentrated on their race cars. That doesn’t mean that the production cars are not anything to be proud of, however. They still are built around the same lightweight design and philosophy, and sport some impressive weight-saving measures seen in the race cars. They even sported a 2.4-liter Dino V-6 that pumped out approximately 190 horsepower, sending the Stratos to 60 mph in a hair under five seconds.

The team at Petrolicious caught up with Stratos owner, Phillip Toledano, to learn more about the legend of the Italian rally racer.

Source: Petrolicious

Where does the Lanica Stratos rank in your list of best rally cars?


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