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Let’s get behind the wheel of the Aston Martin Vulcan with Oliver Webb!

Oliver Webb Aston Martin Vulcan

This car…

The Aston Martin Vulcan is an impressive piece of machinery. It’s built for the racetrack and comes packed with 804 bhp wrapped in a suit of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy that gives it a curb weight of just 2,980 lbs. There’s only 24 examples of this track-destroying beast in the world, and Oliver Webb is here to take us for a ride in one.

Oliver Webb Aston Martin Vulcan

At the Supercar Days event at the Anglesey Circuit in Anglesey, Wales, the young and accomplished racing driver took the wheel of the mighty Vulcan and let it rip around the track. Thankfully, almost every angle of the car and Webb’s helmet was filming video of the laps including the tire-shredding donuts at the end.

The sheer performance and power of the Aston Martin Vulcan was on full display at the hands of Webb, showing the skill required to pilot the British beast at its limits.

Just sit back and admire it from the driver’s seat.


How bad do you want to go out and drive an Aston Martin Vulcan after watching Oliver Webb in action?


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