Let’s go for a Nurburgring lap in the Bugatti Chiron!

Bugatti Chiron Nurburgring

Shall we?

The new Bugatti Chiron is the ultra-exclusive pinnacle of automotive performance, engineering, design, and opulence. It simply doesn’t get any better. Unless you have a few million sitting around to spend on one of these, you’re unfortunately likely never going to experience the sheer power and handcrafted luxury of one of these hypercars.

Bugatti Chiron Nurburgring

Thankfully, the team at Car Throttle was given the chance to go for a lap in the new Chiron around the legendary Nurburgring while explaining the finer details and specifications of the hypercar – all for our enjoyment.

Source: Car Throttle

Would you like to go for a lap in a Bugatti Chiron at the legendary Nurburgring?


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