Let’s go for a Test Drive in the McLaren P1 with Sergio Perez!

There’s that Formula One engineering!

The McLaren P1 is going to be one of those cars that ends up becoming a legendary piece of engineering that helps to rewrite the super car playbook, just like the F1 did before. McLaren tapped into all of its technology and racing experience to produce this hybrid super car.

McLaren still continues to be heavily involved with motorsports and one of the goals with the new P1 was to create a car that offered an unparalleled driving experience along with a race car like feel. The goal wasn’t to have the highest top speed but rather be the fastest around the race track.

So, they tapped into their motorsports resources and had their new Formula One driver, Sergio Pérez, test their new P1 prototype around the Top Gear race track in England, who remarked at how close it feels to driving a Formula One race car.

[Source: McLaren]

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