Let’s go to Latvia and Drift an old Soviet Missile Base!

Drifting Soviet Missile Base

Cold War tire-shredding.

The Cold War left the world with abandoned bases after the fall of the Soviet Union. Derelict and abandoned military facilities such as this former Soviet missile base are scattered throughout Eastern Europe showing how once mighty the super power was.

Drifting Soviet Missile Base

They’re also the perfect places to do some drifting.

The team at Donut Media grabbed an all-star cast of drivers such as Ryan Tuerck, Kristaps Bluss, and Matt Powers driving an 800-hp Supercharged V8 BMW E92 M3, 950-hp Supercharged V8 BMW E46 M3, and twin-turbo V8 Nissan 350Z, respectively.

The three drivers honed their way through the abandoned missile base in a loud display of modern-day tire-shredding firepower that the former Soviets would even be proud of.

Source: Donut Media

Would you like to go to an old Cold War Soviet base and drift the hell out of it?


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