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Friday FAIL: A Series of Very Unfortunate Events in China

Friday FAIL Stuck in Reverse

Don’t mistake ‘Reverse’ for ‘Park’.

There are times where a simple mistake can lead to very bad things when it comes to cars. The difference between having your transmission in ‘Park’ and ‘Reverse’ is a mere inch and click of the shifter, but it can cause a world of problems.

One driver with the surname of Zhang stopped to talk to a friend in Yangzhong City in East China’s Jiangsu Province around 1:20 pm on December 3rd. The only problem was that he left his transmission in ‘Reverse’ instead of ‘Park’ on the street.

Friday FAIL Stuck in Reverse

The car soon began to roll backwards and Zhang attempted to get inside and hit the brakes. The only thing was that he hit the throttle instead of the brakes, sending the car speeding backwards into and over an oncoming electric scooter before falling into the river. Thankfully the scooter rider wasn’t injured and Zhang was rescued, but the car was a total loss.

It just goes to show you how one little mistake can lead to a laundry list of unfortunate events.

Source: LiveLeak

How bad do you feel for this guy for leaving his car in ‘Reverse’ instead of ‘Park’?


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