Let’s go Rallying in a Ferrari Enzo – Video

Pushing the Enzo to its limits.

Ferraris are high-speed performance machines designed to excel on the race track. It’s not often that you see one go over rough roads at more than 20 mph to prevent any damage, except for the four-wheel drive FF. But then there are those that believe these cars should be driven like they’re supposed to no matter what kind of road they’re tires are rolling over.

In the latest video by TaxTheRich100, they take a Ferrari Enzo out over some rough roads as if it were a rally car and drive the hell out of the super car. The Enzo goes over harsh pavement, uneven dirt roads, and through everything else you can imagine while doing a few donuts in the middle of it all. It’s hard to watch thinking of the damage being done, but it’s so much fun to see when it’s not yours to worry about.

[Source: TaxTheRich100 YouTube Channel]

If you had the money, would you drive a Ferrari Enzo like this? Leave a comment and let us know!


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