Let’s Go for a Ride in the Lamborghini Veneno and Sesto Elemento!


Complete with annoying background music!

Two big, bad ultra-rare newcomers into the exotic car world are the Lamborghini Veneno and Sesto Elemento. Both take Lamborghini’s technology, design, and engineering to the extreme. Both are fast. Both are lightweight. Both are two poster cars to hang on the bedroom wall.

And now we finally have some in-car footage of both vehicles. Although the music ruins the experience and the quality isn’t very good, it’s the closest we’ve been to being behind the wheel of one of these supercars. Hearing the V-12 and V-10 roar is absolutely fantastic.


Source: Kouki Yoshikura YouTube Channel

Would you want to drive the Lamborghini Veneno or Sesto Elemento?


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