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Let’s Look at the tracks through the Lens of an F1 Driver!

Nico Hulkenberg Eyes

This is why we’re not professional racecar drivers…

We all know that Formula 1 drivers are superhuman athletes that can carve up a track faster than anyone else possibly could. They have extraordinary powers that allow them to perform these feats of speed, and one of them is their incredible eyesight and reaction.

Nico Hulkenberg Eyes

Nico Hulkenberg of Sahara Force India, is one of those phenoms that makes driving fast look so, so easy to the rest of us. Thanks to some advanced eye-tracking technology, we can get an inside look with what his eyes focus on and observe during a race.

It’s just another reason why regular people like us will never make it to Formula 1 glory.

Source: Sahara Force India Formula One Team

Do you think you’d be able to focus like the eyes of an F1 driver in a race?


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