Let’s Ride in a McLaren with a Pretty Lady and See What Happens!

McLaren Reaction Toronto

Reactions from around Toronto.

YouTube user and McLaren 650S Spider owner, the.leviathan, has encountered quite a few unique reactions while driving his super car around Toronto. There’s the funny and surprising to the downright wrong. He’s made quite a nice series of videos just from what people do in the car’s presence.

McLaren Reaction Toronto

So, in his latest video, he brought along a pretty lady friend to experience what it’s like to ride around the city with the top down in an exotic.

Of course, a few people stared, some took pictures, and a few even tried to hide their cameras and sneak video/pictures. One man even rode up on his bike to talk about how he saw a “McLaren Mach 1” in England.

Cool story, bro.

Source: the.leviathan

What would you do if you saw the.leviathan and his friend driving around in his McLaren 650S Spider?


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