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This is a Praga R1R and it’s really freaking Awesome!

Praga R1R Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood road-legal monster.

Praga has been making all sorts of vehicles in the Czech Republic for over 100 years. They just hadn’t built a road-legal car since 1947. But they didn’t show any signs of being behind-the-times with their R1R as it dazzled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Praga R1R Goodwood Festival of Speed

Only 68 examples of the Praga R1R are to be built, signifying the number of years since their last road car was built. It’s designed as a true road-legal racecar that’s ready to take on the track at any given second. Hardcore aerodynamics, exotic materials, and a closed cockpit make it quite the eye-catcher on the roads.

Power comes from a turbocharged Renault Sport engine that creates 390 bhp and makes keeping traction very hard. But, at an event like the Goodwood Festival of Speed, losing traction is all part of the show!

Source: The TFJJ YouTube

Would you be able to daily drive the Praga R1R?


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