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Let’s see the ‘Sh*t Camaro Owners Say’ with MvT!

Muscle vs Tuner Shit Camaro Owners Say

Because ZL1 stands for ‘Zero Losses, I’m Number 1’.

The Chevrolet Camaro, especially in ZL1 form, is a pretty impressive muscle car and shows just how far these once lumbering V-8 beasts have come. With that performance, power, and hype, comes some stereotypical owners – just like every vehicle – and the guys at Muscle Vs Tuner are here with some NSFW satire.

Muscle vs Tuner Shit Camaro Owners Say

Their latest video stars Clyde Skynard who works part-time at a bait and tackle shop and races Mustangs for pinks to make money, especially during Cars & Coors Light. His LSA V-8 stands for ‘Losing Sucks Ass’, and is restrained by an engine seat belt.

Lady Liberty is definitely proud of this pure American muscle car and its owner.

Source: Muscle Vs Tuner

Are these Chevy Camaro owner stereotypes accurate in your opinion?


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